Java Dive
Java Dive Cafe was created in 2005 by Chef Roni with an emphasis on organic, chemical free and gluten free food. After owning a restaurant for eight years, our focus and interest has shifted into catering and offering cooking classes/camps for adults and kids. 

ava Dive Cafe was started in 2005 due to Roni's passion for good coffee.  It did not take long to get the attention of the Austin American-Statesman which wrote "hands down, the best americano in Central Texas".  Other noted publications also took notice such as the Austin Chronicle, which stated "excellent coffee roasted on-site" as well as other positive reviews from Tribeza Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. In 2013, Roni sold the Cafe to focus on catering but he missed roasting coffee.  He immediately bought a small commercial roaster so that he could roast coffee for himself and some lucky friends.  In 2016 at the urging of many, he decided to continue sharing his love of roasting and bought a large roaster and launched Java Dive Roasting Company.